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Volker Geyer, 61, worked in his parents’ family business after completing his training as a master painter. He founded his own painting business at the age of 22, took marketing courses and later studied business and marketing strategy. In 2005, he started implementing his own brand strategy and went online with it at malerische-wohnideen.de. Two years ago, Geyer passed on his company to a successor and has since been focusing on his own brand, which he franchises to partner companies.

Illustration Anje Jager

Tradition is often just part of the job in the painting business. Many companies have been established on the market for years and maintain their traditions. From my point of view, though, this is something that can lead to stagnation. Many are only busy managing their daily business and seldom think outside the box. This makes change difficult. Right now, far too many companies in the craft trades aren’t dealing with the issue of digitization. Most of them don’t even have their own homepage.

From the very start, brushes and paints weren’t enough for me in my profession. That’s why I looked for a specialty, focusing on high-quality designs and relying on digital marketing early in the game. It’s how I built up my own brand. Thanks to this idea and digital marketing tools, the brand became so strong that I developed a partner-franchising concept five years ago. It’s how I help other painting businesses to strengthen their market positions.

Digital marketing helped me a lot along the way thanks to the extreme coverage we can achieve with it. This makes me a bit unusual in my branch, but it sets our brand apart from the competition. My tradition helps me in this. It appeals to emotions and is my foundation. It helps us to build up trust with customers and gives us and our work authenticity. Yet we cannot just rest on its laurels. Tradition is of no use if we don’t live its values and bring them to the customer.

Through our digital marketing I can transmit values such as reliability to the outside world in a transparent way. On our homepage I have a blog where I write about our work, what our teams do and the things that happen every day on the job. Our website has thousands of page views every day, and more than 100,000 accounts follow us on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. That’s how numerous potential customers and potential partner companies find us.

Among with my customers, Google is the most important reader of my texts. I deal with search engine optimization every day and check where my posts land with the corresponding keywords and metatags. This digital work has become a real passion for me. I’m motivated to expand my reach and thereby acquire new customers and business. This is exactly what modern tradition means to me: living values and using the opportunities of digitization.