utterly oil

Refineries as far as the eye can see: along the Houston coast, you understand what petroleum means for our society. A location at the heart of an essential industry.

Photo: mauritius images/David R.



the early bird

Sunrise over the Sea of Marmara: a cup of Turkish tea and a round simit pastry is the perfect way to start of the day.

Photo: mauritius images / Aurora Photos; mauritius images/Tetra Images



a bastion of calm

An oasis in the middle of a bustling metropolis: the park of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace contains thousands of trees from everywhere around Japan and is a haven of peace in the center of this restless metropolis.

Photo: istock/Yothongcome



a blaze of lights 

One of the world’s most impressive skylines: the vantage point on The Peak provides the most spectacular views of Hong Kong to be found.

Photo: istock/ronniechua



sparkling white

Mountain high: nowhere is the air as clear as it is on a sunny, bitingly cold winter day in the Alps. Add the panorama from Alpspitze to Zugspitze and it’s simply mind-boggling!

Photo: mauritius images/Peter Lehner