Homeland of self-optimization: No country in the world has as many plastic surgeons as the United States of America. Of the global estimates of 40,000 experts for nose corrections, hair removal and liposuction, about one of every six specialists lives in one of the fifty states. Yet it’s an Asian country that has the highest concentration of such surgeons: as a share of total population, no country has as many such specialists per capita as South Korea.


Japan: The world’s most popular operation is eyelid correction. According to ISAPS estimates, around 1.4 million people had this lift in 2014.  This lid correction was performed around 140,000 times in Japan. Again as a share of total population, however, South Korea is the frontrunner with one lid correction for every 455 inhabitants.



United States: Hollywood leads the way, chest first—and is much imitated, especially by women. Plastic surgery on the chest is something Americans are number one at—about one in every thousand residents went under the knife for it in 2014.




Germany: “Slim is beautiful” is a belief held by many Germans as well. Instead of dieting or going to the gym for that perfect figure, many prefer to nip and tuck instead. Liposuction is by far the most popular surgery in the country, especially around the hips. Internationally, South American countries, such as Colombia, lead the pack.



South Korea: With East Asians staying a nose ahead of the competition for high-tech products, South Korea outstrips every other country for nasal procedures. With more than 100,000 operations annually, this means that one in five hundred inhabitants has had this surgery.




Brazil: From Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival festival, images of female and male dream bodies are broadcast around the world year after year. Such beauty comes with a price, however: nowhere else on the planet are as many tummy tucks and buttocks lifts performed per inhabitant as in Brazil.