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Water is the world’s most important resource—and it’s getting increasingly scarce. With a world population that is growing continually, the number of people who don’t have access to enough clean water will dramatically increase in the coming years. The consequences are grave, and not just for the affected regions, but worldwide: according to UN estimates, 80 percent of all jobs today are dependent on water, and agriculture alone consumes around 70 percent of the available resources.

Sensible water management, new concepts and technologies for preparing potable water and, above all, a more sustainable approach to dealing with this precious liquid will become even more important than ever as we move forward. And on a global scale. In this issue and in our online magazine at, we present a number of various approaches to help solve these problems.

With our Water Services area of expertise, TÜV SÜD contributes in various ways to forward-looking solutions for supplying water—whether by running seawater desalination plants, by reducing water losses due to leaks in pipe networks, or in evaluating new technologies for water-using applications.


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