Dear Readers,


about six months ago, TÜV SÜD purchased a majority share in Uniscon GmbH. The company, based in Munich, specializes in a highly secure cloud computing solution, known as Sealed Cloud, which creates extremely secure IT platforms. Companies can use them to dependably store, transfer and process sensitive data—without the risk of the data being hacked or stolen. Not even the cloud operators or administrators have access to the data, which is ensured by sophisticated encryption protocols that eliminate vulnerabilities to attacks from inside or outside the system.

By operating such platforms, we believe that we are providing our customers with true added value. As a partner in many (technical) processes, our experts enjoy a high degree of trust—in their skills, independence and integrity. Sealed Clouds thus complement our current services in an excellent manner.

We consider TÜV SÜD to be an accelerator of innovations, which our security solutions can help reach new breakthroughs. Only safety and security can turn innovation into progress. Many companies (still) have misgivings about outsourcing the storage of sensitive, mission-critical data or using foreign networks to transfer such data to business partners. Yet the tremendous opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 and the concept of the Smart Factory cannot function without efficient and secure data exchange. It’s extremely challenging for any company—and it is our commitment at TÜV SÜD to offer our customers support, with trustworthy services.