Preparations begin long before the starting whistle of a soccer game. For the teams, but also for the fans. Particularly when it comes to cold beverages—which in the summer heat can quickly get warm, despite starting off ice-cold. Why not rely on a self-cooling beer keg? It has three chambers: the innermost one contains the beverage to be cooled, the one in the middle a water-soaked fleece in a vacuum. The outer chamber contains the mineral zeolite, also in a vacuum, which—thanks to its special crystalline structure—boasts a very large water-vapor-absorbing surface. If the vent between the middle and outer chambers is opened, the zeolite draws the water vapor from the fleece, which cools dramatically from the evaporation process . The zeolite warms up as a result, emitting the heat externally , while the water remaining in the fleece freezes into ice and cools the beer down to a temperature of between 7º and 9º Celsius. After 30 to 45 minutes, the beer in the keg has reached the ideal drinking temperature. Conveniently, the keg can be re-used: heating it reverses the process and makes the self-cooling beer keg ready to use again. So, cheers!  

How does it work?

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