Dear readers,


There are countless studies worldwide about the question of what distinguishes successful companies. There’s one criterion that is almost always mentioned: companies successful over the long term usually maintain a very special relationship with their customers and cater precisely to the customers’ needs and expectations. Thus they are very close to their customers, who in turn reward this closeness with a high degree of loyalty to the company. Closeness is thereby a success factor for commercial activity. Physical, thematic or technological closeness creates added value for both sides.

Yet being “close to the customer” doesn’t mean pandering to them. Knowing customer expectations also means managing them. And when in doubt—as in any good partnership—it means setting limits on unreasonable expectations. Nobody knows this better than companies in our industry: ultimately it is expertise, neutrality and objectivity that are the guiding principles underlying the closeness to the customer. We’re presenting this entire issue of ABOUT TRUST magazine under the motto of “closeness” with all the aspects that we associate with the term. Immerse yourself in stories where we get very close to the people and topics, enjoy the interesting interviews and let yourself be mesmerized by the images that impressively illustrate closeness.


I hope this issue entertains and inspires you!