It takes less than a minute for Mic, the robot, to roll around the car. The artificial intelligence immediately starts working in the background, stabilizing the shots and placing the car in the middle of the image. Even before the photo shoot began, Mic had a few tips about how to ideally position the car. In less than a minute the robot automatically takes a 360-degree picture of the car’s exterior, allowing customers to get a first impression of the vehicle in advance. First impressions count, even when looking for a used car. And the search often begins on the internet. Potential buyers these days want to get an impression of the car from home and view the vehicle from all sides.

That’s why TÜV SÜD is supporting dealers in showcasing their autos online and why the robot Mic (which stands for “move in circles”) was developed. Equipped with a camera, installed on a Segway and outfitted with artificial intelligence, Mic quickly generates high-resolution 360-degree images that dealers can make available to their customers.

The robot doesn’t need a special working environment and can be used anywhere. After the pictures have been shot, PhotoFairy 360°, a TÜV SÜD service, can be used to crop the images and present the car against a neutral background or one tailored to the client. The inside of the vehicle can also be brought to life for customers on PhotoFairy 360° with an all-around photograph of the interior.

After the photos have been taken and the car has been driven off, the next vehicle is ready for its close-up. Mic provides a few suggestions about positioning the car. Then it starts rolling again.



Mic is the name of this TÜV SÜD robot that takes 360-degree photos of cars. Equipped with a high-resolution camera, it circles the car on a Segway.