Worth a Thousand Words

A Special Picture

Photographer Mandy Barker constrcuts scenes from discarded plastic.

T his image is part of the series SHOAL, which shows plastic debris found drifting in the sea. This was collected from a tsunami debris field in the North Pacific Ocean during a scientific expedition conducted in June 2012. The image focuses on plastic materials from trawls and samples that were recovered between Japan and Hawaii, as well as from the tsunami-affected shoreline in Fukushima Prefecture.
Being able to secure and document plastic waste where it is found provides a unique opportunity for scientific research—in particular through the role played by natural catastrophes.

The aim of my work is to stimulate an emotional response in the viewer by contrasting the initial aesthetic attraction with a message meant to heighten awareness of the issue of plastic waste.

Photo: private

Mandy Barker is an international award-winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris has received global recognition.