Worth A Thousand Words

A special picture

Reiner Riedler about "lifesaving" photography.

During a sleepless night in the intensive care unit for premature babies, with my newborn son, I was confronted by all the nearby life-support machines in the unit. I got the idea to put together a series of photographs: WILL—The Lifesaving Machines. I was thinking about how all these life-support systems, apparatuses and mechanisms preserve life, even though they can neither understand life nor do they have a life of their own. Over a period of four years I photographed ventilators, artificial hearts, dialysis machines, heart/lung devices and artificial limbs. The picture shows the CD Horizon® Legacy™ spinal system, which can be used to treat scoliosis—a condition where the spine has developed one or more abnormal side-to-side curves which adversely affect balance and the body’s alignment. 

Reiner Riedler is a documentary photographer from Austria who focusses on people and their environment.