I’ve been taking photographs from helicopters and small planes for my Aerial Views project since 2010. You can show humanity’s interventions on the earth’s surface very well from the air, which is what my project is about. For this photo, I went to the Mojave Desert in California last October. We flew in a helicopter over thousands of mirrors that are set up in the desert there. This computer-controlled solar collector, also known as a heliostat, focuses sunlight on the receptors on the central towers. This solar energy is used to create steam, which in turn powers special steam turbines that generate electricity. This photo is part of my series about solar power plants in the United States and I’ve tried to find visually inter­esting images on the ­topic of sustainable and future-­oriented energy production.

Bernhard Lang has been working as a photographer since the year 2000. While he got his start in the advertising industry, since 2010 he’s been focusing on his Aerial Views project, which has won several awards.